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NOF Consulting offers professional mathematical services. We specialise in building probability models of slot machine games and have experience in the American, Russian, German, Swedish and UK markets.

Slot Mathematics

Slot machine games need a corresponding mathematical model to accurately calculate the minimum house edge (or maximum percentage return). Additionally, the model also allows to control or adjust other features, like the hit rates and volatility, and can provide confidence intervals. Read more...


Simulation models of slot or casino games are built to perform risk analysis, to get a feel for the game (in the case of graphical simulations) or just to double check the results of the mathematical model. Read more...

Game Portfolio

  • NetEnt: Jackpot 6000
  • Barcrest USA: Bitz&Pizzas
  • Barcrest USA: Funny Fruits
  • Barcrest Games: Taxi Ride
  • Barcrest Games: Lotus
  • Barcrest Games: Grand Casino
  • ...
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