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At NOF Consulting we are highly qualified to do both Montecarlo and Discrete Event Simulation. This is a branch of OR in which our skills are particularly strong.

In the gambling industry, NOF Consulting can build simulations to help you in different situations:

  • To get a feel for the game with graphical simulations.
  • To double check the results of the mathematical model with fast simulations.
  • To perform Risk Analysis: when launching a new game, even though the theoretical percentage return to the player (RTP) is below 100%, it is convenient to know what percentage of the time the RTP can be above 100% in the short term.

Outside the gambling industry, a number of situations lie beyond the capabilities of current mathematical models and the use of a simulation model may be more appropriate. Simulation is a technique that reproduces the behaviour of a system.

Simulations are predominately modelled using computers, which allows variables from the actual system to be changed in the computer model in order to see what effect it will have on the outcome.

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