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NOF Consulting can help you with the design of the games, as well as doing the mathematics. We have experience in the American, Russian, German, Swedish and UK markets. Each market has its own favourite features and game configurations. See our Introduction to Slot Game Features presentation.

Slot machine games have evolved beyond all recognition since the early days of simple spinning reels. Nowadays a variety of set-piece routines e.g. Hi-Lo gambles, free spins, trails… can be combined in a seemingly endless succession of attractive designs.

Games can have many different features: line wins, scatters, holds and nudges, free spins, gambles, progressive jackpots and other bonus games.

Examples of bonus games include: variations of poker, bingo and keno, trails, ladders, sequences of offers (like in Top Dollar or Bitz&Pizzas), strategy games (e.g. Battleships).


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